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Dehloran WellHead Facility Project-Wells : W036N , W096N , W122N, W140N-Current project

 Dehloran WellHead Facility Project

Employer: The project contract was signed between the Central Iranian Oil Company and the Oilmico Corporation

work explanation: Operation of oil outlet wells positioning  W036N , W096N , W122N, W140N   The Dehloran area, which is common to the Iraqi wells By constructing a total of 66,000 meters of pipeline 6

inch On the ground and the transfer of oil to the collection center by these lines Supply of goods required for the project from external and internal sources Including flanges and pipes, and other electrical and precision instruments , And run road access, the area, fence, Fadation Facility Facility, And all the purchased goods, Along with the network of electricity, Piggy Rani, Hydrotesting and launching the project, The commitment of OILMICO is the main contractor of this project.

Project Duration: 24 months and 6 months maintenance period



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