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Oil Industrial Leading and Manufacturing International Company (OILMICO) have been established dated 18 Jul 2006 in ESFAHAN IRAN. With thought to be synergistic of the technical, performance and experience gained by number of artisans in Esfahan has been formed to help with the activities of oil and gas and petrochemical industry.

Company vision

Being among the top-level companies in the oil and gas and petrochemical contractors with the ability to attract funds and carry out timely projects.

Mission of the company

oilmico  company in order to achieve the ehyaa company  goals  and Provisions of the Articles of Association , The following missions are within the framework of Resistance Economics.

Implementation of oil, gas, and petrochemical industries projects over a planned time frame with quality and cost control with competitive advantage by combining efficient human resources with the focus on stakeholder interests.


  • Expansion of engineering activities
  • Achieve maximum financial resources for project implementation
  • Enter into the field of EPC contracting projects

Business Strategy

  • Use of day technology and knowledge-based work
  • The formation of a consortium with foreign companies in the implementation of projects
  • Investing in business domains
  • Provision of equipment from reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers
  • Use of new financing tools and methods
  • Improve business processes through obtaining relevant certificates

Corporate Ethics Charter

  • Practical attention to religious beliefs and practices in order to elucidate individual and social ethics
  • Strict compliance with organizational rules and regulations
  • Tolerance in covenant and honesty in speech and behavior
  • Understanding organizational goals
  • Trust in keeping with organizational documents
  • Observance of politeness in social encounters
  • Comprehensive partnership in advancing corporate goals
  • Adhering to individual principles and maintaining adornment
  • Create an interpersonal trust environment between employees
  • Correct changes to comments and suggestions



The following field’s desired objectives are achieved:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of oil and gas and petrochemical projects (EPCM)
  • Participation into internal and external oil and gas and petrochemical projects
  • Feasibility studies, investment in manufacturing machinery and necessities of oil and gas and petrochemical installations


Ongoing Projects

Dehloran WellHead Facility Project

Mansoorabad pipeline to Gachsaran 4 project-Current project

Dalan2 WellHead Facility Project

Completed Projects

Wellhead Facilities – Dalan Area Nr.1

Phase 19 steel structure project- South Pars gas field

Crude Oil Desalting plant – GACHSARAN 3

Warehouse Shelter – Phase 19

Contact Info

Isfahan: No. 94, Bidjan Alley., Mohtasham Kashani St., Esfahan , IRAN

Postal Code: 8175969747

Tel: +98 (31) 3625 9191-3

Fax: +98 (31) 3625 9181

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